PACKAGING – Design & Assembly capabilities

Synergie Cad PSC brings an exhaustive Packaging and Assembly offer to start-up and Fabless companies, from small series to large series, covering.
– Package Design and simulations (electrical, thermal)
– European Assembly line for small series – Internal Assembly house
– Mid & Large series Assembly – Partnership with Tier 1 OSAT


Package Design

(Electrical, Thermal)


Small and mid series assembly capabilities

Internal European supply chain

Location : Toulouse (France)


Mid & Large series

Tier 1&2 OSAT partners

Location : Asia


Assembly & Design rules

Simulation capabilities

Synergie CAD PSC provide IC packaging design services as a part of the turn-key solution, we have the ability to provide complex and high end design including RF, multiple dies design (SiP) and complex substrate (eg. Cavity).
Our design team work with customers and manufacturing partner to design the best products in terms of performance, quality, cycle time, and cost. Synergie CAD PSC standard design flow includes simulations to assess performances and validate customer specifications of the design.

IC package design:

  • Material & stackup definition
  • Substrate design & routing
  • DRC & DFM

IC package characterization:

  • Electrical analysis (fullwave & hybride solver)
  • Thermal analysis

To meet design needs, we work on the most advanced design and simulation tools :

  • Cadence Allegro Package Designer Plus
  • Keysight pathwave Advanced Design System
  • Ansys HFSS
IC packaging design services

Internal European Assembly line

Location : Toulouse – France

logo Sipack

Synergie Cad PSC owns the most advanced packaging line for assembly services of small and mid volumes in Europe.

This line named ‘SiPack’ and located in Toulouse (France)  intends to offer an ideal complement to our partnership with major Asian OSAT’s, focusing on small series conventional packages (see portfoglio below) from 1 to 20Kunits per product per annum.

This internal Assembly line can build all types of conventional packages for prototyping, small, or  mid series :

– Assembly of all types of premoulded cavities for fast-prototyping (QFN, QFP, PGA, …)
– Assembly of all type of ceramic cavities (Cerquad,
– Plastic Overmoulded QFN, QFP, SOIC, DIP
– All types of BGA’s (see below)
– Wire bonding or Flip Chip
– Single chip or multichips (stacking or side to side)

advanced packaging line for assembly services
advanced packaging line for assembly services

Packaging assembly capabilities


Lidded                                                                     Bare Die



Overmoulded Flip chip


Overmoulded wire bonded

MCM – SIP – COB – Stacking

Multichip module – System In Package




Mid & large series Assembly – Partnership with Tier 1 OSAT

We have the privilege to partner with the best worldwide Assembly and Test Houses ; this allows to grant our Customers with the most advanced and state-of-the-art packaging technologies.

– Organic substrate BGA’s
– Ceramic substrate BGA’s
– Wafer Level Package (WLCSP FanIn, FanOut, …)
– Leadframe based packages (QFN, Small Outline, QFP, …)
– Optical – Optoelectronic packages

Working with an experienced and industrial agregator, as Synergie Cad PSC allows start-up and Fabless to access to state-of-the art technologies and processes at highly competitive pricing on the most efficient worldwide manufacturing lines.

Working with Synergie Cad PSC as an agregator is also the insurance,to be supported by a ‘human size organization’ with largely demonstrated experience in industrialisation and production of complex semiconductor IC’s through expertise over the whole manufacturing process flow from wafers to delivery of Finished Goods, also supporting you all along product life including production sustaining and Q.A. activities.

Other benefits with using Synergie Cad PSC aggregation :

– Well established communication networks at OSAT, very good knowhow of OSAT procedures
– Package Design rules fully aligned with OSAT
– Demonstrated technical and design experience  – we are also ‘makers’ with intensive internal industrial capabilities
– Experience in bringing start-up and Fabless companies from NPI to mass production
– Package Design phase in Europe – close location and Time zone
– Test development and engineering phase in Europe – close location and time zone
– Qualification phase in Europe – close location and time zone
– Test solution can then be transferred to OSAT when significant production volumes