Synergie Cad PSC has all capabilities, internally, to cover all activities from Product specification to production testing, including, both for Wafer Testing and Package Testing :

– Contribution to Design for Test (DFT)
– Test Hardware (Loadboards, probe cards, sockets,…) development and fabrication
– Test program development and validation
– Test solution industrialisation
– Production testing or screening
– Products hardening
– Production Sustaining, Quality Assurance

test product engineering
test product engineering

Our long individual and collective experience in industrialisation and production of integrated circuits from small to very large volumes, added to our advanced and up-to-date equipments, allo us to handle the most advanced applications :
– Digital SOC’s & Mixed-signal IC’s … including High speed serial interfaces up to xxGbps (Serdes, PCIe, …), eFlash, …
– RF & MMW … up to 77GHz industrial testing
– Photosensors
… from different industrial domains
– Consumer and Industrial
– Automotive
– Space & Defence
– Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing

test product engineering
test product engineering
Proce card
test product engineering

► Our Test & Product Engineering operations are located in Toulouse (France), even if, in order to provide the most effective and proximity support to our Customers or Asian manufacturing hubs, we also have some senior test and product engineers working in multiple countries such as UK, Italy, Singapore, Taiwan.

Test Engineering activities will, by default, use our own test equipments located at our Test Floor in Toulouse (France), but, in specific cases, when justified, our test engineers may also develop on testers of our customers.

►Our Test Equipments installed base :


✔ Advanced V93K Smarscale available up to 1024 PS1600, 194 DPS
✔ Teradyne ULTRAFLEX-RF available up to 512 UP1600, RF24, UPAC, UVI80
✔ Teradyne J750 EX available up to 384 HS100
✔ Advantest T2000

test equipements

✔ Opus3 12in. Probers available up to -55 / +200 C
✔ Multitest MT9510 Automatic Handlers available up to -40 / +150 C
✔ Thermostreams available up to -55 / +175°C


► Production testing, whatever Wafer Sorting (EWS) or Final Test (Package Test) at Synergie Cad PSC offers both internal and external capacities

Our internal test floor in Toulouse (France) operates 24/24 and 7/7 with production capacity every nights or week-ends combining wafer testing or final testing. Typical volumes handled per batch at our line will go from few tens of devices for High Rel. Applications like Space up to several hundreds of thousands units.
– For large volumes or for supply chain reasons, test solutions may be transferred to our long-term partners or to customers premises considering that our test equipment configurations remain universal or largely spread in major semiconductor hubs.


wafer test
final test

► Production sustaining includes all Quality Assurance and Cost optimisation activities that support production life ; those include :

  • Non-conform lots management
  • Process and Product changes
  • Test Program and Test limits adjustments
  • Test Time optimization
  • Cost of Manufacturing optimisation
  • Reliability Monitoring, Re-qualification, Lot Acceptance, …

Very often, production sustaining is not considered ; however this activity which requires global knowHow and fact-based experience, when correctly done will bring high added value either in terms of Quality & Reliability, Productivity, and cost of Manufacturing. At Synergie Cad PSC, the long experience of some of our product engineers in all back-end activities combining Packaging, Quality, Reliability, Hardware, Test provide us with a unique added value.